Mold prevention services
for new construction

Service Overview

Whether you are a builder, developer, or building your dream home toxic mold is a major risk for all parties involved. Taking proactive measures to prevent it during construction reduces liability for all parties involved. ATG Mold's builder prevention and construction site remediation services will give you the peace of mind that your buildings are safe from mold.

Be proactive against to mold

Mold is a major health risk to future building occupants, and builder lawsuits are growing in popularity every year due to neglecting mold during construction. The builder mindset of "it's going to be covered up, and no one will see it", doesn't work anymore.

Who we work with

We work with green building contractors, architects, and real estate developers looking to increase indoor safety.

Problems we solve

Whether your dealing with a mold problem during framing or just looking to prevent an issue in the first place

Mold problems during construction
Mold prevention applications
Water damage & moisture intrusion
Certified mold testing & assessments
Real estate transactions
Insurance claims

Advanced equipment & non-toxic solutions

Using state of the art fogging technology, UV disinfection systems, and Co2 systems to disinfect everything in your property from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Leaving your indoor air cleaner than ever while minimizing not only mold levels, but harmful bacteria and viruses too. Without all the cheap, toxic chemicals most of our competitors use.

Cost-effective process to prevent mold

Mold resistant building products are our often +20% higher than traditional building products. Our service give builders the ability to turn traditional lumber into mold resistant lumber at a fraction of the price.

Protect structural integrity

Mold isn't just a health risk. It's weakens building materials and is destructive to property.

2-Year Surface Shield Warranty

We offer the industry's best warranty. Any building surface we treat we promise will stay mold free under normal building conditions*. Plan on selling your property? Our warranty is transferable to any future legal owner of the property, and can be used as an additional selling point for you.

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We provide builders with free no-obligation mold removal estimates. Quit worrying about mold! Protect your health and home today!

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