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What does ATG Mold do exactly?

We offer certified mold inspections, testing, remediation aka "removal", and prevention services. Our customers include homeowners dealing with basement/attic issues, hotels, construction sites, office space, etc. Pretty much we help solve mold problems in just about every building besides mobile homes.

What’s special about ATG Mold?

We rely on high-end equipment, quality green solutions, and our team is one of the most experienced in the entire country. We provide an honest, upfront service, and have completed over 3.7k mold jobs under our belt.

Why should I care about mold?

Mold exposure is linked to all sorts of health issues. Also, mold contamination can lead to costly property damage and increased liability in certain situations. It can even decrease your property value! Removing it properly requires specialized equipment along with extensive knowledge and skill.

How do I get a quote? Are they free?

If you are a building owner, property manager, or building contractor we offer free quotes within our immediate coverage area. If you need a detailed written report, for a real estate transaction or legal situation we do charge a small fee.

NOTE: We currently do not offer free quotes for renters.

Can I be home during mold remediation?

Even though our process is extremely safe & non-toxic, we highly recommend that the property remain vacant while we are working directly on your property. We will always keep you updated throughout the process.

How do I know if I have a mold problem?

If you see it growing in an area that is prone to water damage, high humidity, lack of airflow there is a really good chance that its mold. Flooding, leaks, etc. is the leading contributors to mold. The challenge with mold is 50% is behind walls. If your feeling sick or smell something funky in your home, but don't actually see it growing. Mold testing can be very beneficial as an indicator to any issues.

Do I have the bad kind of mold?

While some molds are "more" toxic than others, all molds have the ability to be allergenic/toxic to humans. The most dangerous mold's you hear about "ex. stachybotrys" are usually related to dampness, moisture issues within a building. Water damage/past water damaged materials are always a major concern for not just mold, but for also bacteria and viruses.

What are the main health risks of mold?

Mold has been directly linked to over 30 illnesses. The most common health issues being fungal infections, skin conditions, asthma, muscle cramps, brain fog, and other breathing issues. In extreme cases, mold exposure has even been linked to death as linked below.

Other notes about mold and health:

• Fungal infections are resistant to antibiotics making illnesses challenging to beat.
• Experts estimate, that approximately 20-30% percent of the general population to have a specific gene making them highly allergic to molds.
• Children, elderly, post major surgery, and those with medical conditions are at heightened risk of serious illness.

What payment options do you accept?

We take cash, all major credit cards, checks. We also one of the only mold remediation companies to offer little to low interest financing options.

How long does certified mold removal take?

Most residential jobs take 2-7 days depending on severity, size, etc. Large commercial jobs of course can vary greatly.

Do I need mold testing?

Mold testing is not required for most homeowners, but it can be a great tool to help us understand the severity of any issues, locate hidden mold, and better track the results after remediation if it fits your budget/preference.

However, for high-liability situations, larger commercial projects, landlord disputes, etc. we highly recommend mold testing for liability reasons.

What are the laws regarding mold?

Mold laws vary from state to state, & we recommend you do your own due diligence , but generally:

• Renters have the right to clean habitable living space

• Any act of negligence that risks putting someone else in harm is a major factor in lawsuits as you would expect. (Ex. Painting over mold, not hiring a professional, not disclosing issues, etc.)

• You must disclose known issues when selling a property

How much does certified mold removal cost?

Mold removal can vary greatly in cost depending on a variety of factors including severity, size, scope, liability, quality, time, labor materials, and so on. Due to these high number of factors we always recommend that you never hire a mold removal contractor without them prior coming out to your property. We offer free estimates for property owners which you can schedule here.

What are the top mold removal scams?

The mold remediation industry is still unregulated for the most part and scams are common. We highly recommend that you hire a reputable company that specializes specifically in mold with extensive knowledge in the field.

Mold Treatments-Mold is toxic dead or alive. It's impossible to just "spray" it away like many "certified" companies claim. On average, we get 10+ calls a month from customers who hired a different mold remediation company that "treated" their mold problem by "spraying it", and how they are now either sick or need us to come in and clean up their mess. It's essential that you physically remove it from your property following industry guidelines. The "spray" part is just one of the many steps of actual mold remediation. Be very cautious of these "spray" companies.

Will mold remediation improve my health?

Mold remediation is more about protecting your health. The concept is that by minimizing mold, bacteria, and viruses on your air and surfaces.

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