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The first step is to have your property assessed by a certified mold professional. During this inspection, we will use moisture detection equipment to assess damage, detect potential costly issues, and design a no-hassle solution plan specifically to your needs.

  • Certified Visual Inspection
    Damage Assessment
    Moisture Detection  
    3rd Party Lab Mold Testing*
    Certified Remediation Plan

Please Note: Free inspections are for property owners and subject to availability*

Certified Mold Removal

Mold contaminated & water damaged materials create serious health hazards to building occupants, weaken building materials, destroy property, are a major liability, and can even devalue your property. Plus, mold dead or alive is toxic.  This is why we follow the strictest industry guideline out there to safely remove toxic & potentially toxic materials.

  • Equipment Set-Up & Job Preparation
    Pressurized Containment Systems
    Air Scrubbing With HEPA  Filtration  
    Fine Mist Dust Control
    HEPA Vacuuming / Detailed Cleaning
    Salvage & Restore Items

Advanced Air
& Surface Disinfection

We use advanced technology to optimize indoor air quality, minimize harsh odors, and increase your property’s overall resistance to mold. Completely non-toxic and safe, our multi-step air & surface treatments provide 360º protection against harmful mold, bacteria, and viruses.

  • Botanical Disinfection Technology
    Hydroxyl UV-C Disinfection  
    3-Stage Micron Air Fogging
    Mold Resistant/Antimicrobial Coatings

Safety Assurance
& Certification

We will go above & beyond to make sure the air your breathe to the surfaces you touch are safe and sanitized along with a certified clean bill of health for your records.

  • Customer Walkthrough
    Post-Remediation Testing*
    Expert Tips
    2-Year Surface Shield Warranty

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