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Have a mold issue in your home or business? Our certified mold removal services help property owners and managers protect their health & property.

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Over 3k Successful
Mold Projects

  • Basements & Attics
  • Ultra-high end real estate
  • Major commercial losses
  • Government Buildings
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Apartment Buildings


Built to work around
Your busy life

We assign each of our clients to a specific project leader who will be available to help 24/7. From scheduling to being able to answer your questions through text. Our experienced team makes the entire process convenient as possible.


Industry leading value

Our systems, expertise, and technology give us a distinct edge over our competitors allowing us to offer a far superior service at a highly competitive rate.


Not your average
mold removal

Most mold companies rely solely on a pump-up sprayer and cheap chemicals. We use state-of-the art UV systems, fogging technology, co2 disinfection, and plant derived solutions that for a far superior then the toxic chemicals our competitors use.


Family owned & Operated

With ATG Mold, you can rest assure your problem will be handled by a trusted team mold experts, utilizing the best technology, and at a great price.

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