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We have targeted mold Removal solutions for anywhere in your home, business, and more. Whether you need your property assessed or ready to tackle on a known issue. We're up to any mold related challenge you throw our way.

Mold Remediation
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The Threat

Mold growth and water damage can create a major health hazard for building occupants. In fact, moldy living environments are linked to over 30 illnesses including respiratory issues, allergies, and more.

Beyond the major health risks associated with mold it is also destructive, and can lead to costly damage over time. Both to your property and personal belongings!

Mold can make you sick, destroy your property, and even devalue your property! You simply want it our of your property ASAP!
    Mold Risks
    • Occupant Health & Indoor Air Quality
    • Property Damage
    • Complicates real estate transactions
    • Can devalue your property
    • Visually unappealing & toxic odors
    • Dangerous & Challenging To Remove

    We have Pittsburgh
    mold removal
    down to a science

    Are you dealing with mold growth in your Pittsburgh, PA home or business? Mold growth can be dangerous, causing respiratory issues and structural damage to your property. At ATG Mold, we offer professional mold removal services to help keep your home or business safe and healthy. Our team of certified mold remediation specialists has extensive experience dealing with mold growth in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

    We use advanced equipment and techniques to safely and effectively remove mold from your property. We will also provide a detailed plan to prevent mold from returning in the future.In addition to mold removal, we also offer mold inspections and testing to determine the type and extent of mold growth in your property. Our inspectors are certified by the National Association of Remediators and Inspectors (NAMRI), and use state-of-the-art equipment to accurately assess the presence and severity of mold growth. Don't let mold growth threaten the health and safety of your Pittsburgh home or business. Contact ATG Mold, today to schedule a complimentary mold consultation and estimate for mold removal services.

    Remediation Plan

    Source Removal

    Air & Surface

    Mold Prevention
    & Clearance

    Safe & Scientifically
    Proven Mold Removal

    task_alt Free Diagnosis & Moisture Detection

    task_alt Pressurized Containment & Dust Control systems

    task_alt Controlled Source removal

    task_altAdvanced Multi-Step Cleaning Treatments

    task_alt IICRC S520 & NAMRI Guidelines

    New equipment
    & Latest Methods

    task_alt Negative Air Machines

    task_alt Hydroxyl Systems

    task_alt ULV Fogging Machines

    task_alt Commercial Dehumidifiers & Fans

    task_alt HEPA Vaccum Systems

    task_alt Commercial Dehumidifiers & Axel Fans

    task_alt Botanical, Non-Toxic Solutions

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    Why work
    with ATG Mold

    100% Customized Services

    Our team will work with you to design the perfect plan to resolve your issue and prevent it from coming back for good.

    We handle the dangerous work

    Our experienced team of mold experts will take care of all the dangerous & skilled physical labor to bring your property back to health.

    Latest methods & new equipment

    We utilize only proven removal techniques and our team is backed with the latest remediation equipment to take on any project you throw our way.

    Proven solutions that stand the test of time

    With ATG Mold, you can rest assure your investment will stand the test of time. We're so confident in our service that we proudly back it with the industry's best warranty.

    Frequently Asked

    When should I contact a mold professional?

    A small speck of mold in your shower is one thing to tackle on your own. But, when it's covering your walls, growing throughout multiple areas of your property, in a confined place like an attic, had a flood , in a high liability situation, etc. It's definitely worth the expense of hiring a certified mold professional!  Hiring a mold professional like us will only make your life easier and will pay for itself overtime in value.

    We have thousands of dollars of specialized equipment, skilled labor on hand, & have been solving mold problems for over 30+ years in the Pittsburgh area. We're simply going to remove it thoroughly with far better results much safer & faster than someone with a spray bottle can.  Sometimes hiring expert is worth the expense, and mold is one of those times.  Leave the hazardous hard work to us.

    How much does certified mold removal cost in Pittsburgh?

    In Pittsburgh, certified mold removal can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000+ to resolve a mold issue depending to the severity & scale of the issue. There are many factors that go into the pricing of every project, and it is important to note that every property is different. That is why we cannot offer you a ballpark estimate over the phone. It’s important for one of our certified inspectors to physically visit your house to better understand what is going on and come up with a plan designed to last. Be very cautious getting a mold removal quote from a company who doesn't see your property first.

    What makes ATG Mold different than other companies?

    Most mold removal companies relay on the “spray and pray” technique. Meaning they just fog chemicals throughout your home and essentially cover up the problem temporarily. We however actually put in the effort to solve the root of your problem by safely removing contaminated materials following science based and proven protocols. Not just treating it! The reason is mold is toxic dead or alive. You simply want it as far away from your property as possible, not just sprayed down! Fogging is only one of our many steps in our process. Not the entire process!

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