Mold Removal Process: How We Solve Mold Problems

We've helped thousands of homeowners manage mold issues. This is a in depth look of how we do it.

Diagnosing mold problems

The first step in resolving any mold issue is of course assessing the damage and risks. Our certified inspectors are trained to not only find mold damage, but also develop a customized solution to resolve any issues that may be occurring inside your property.

During a mold inspection we will:

  • Use moisture detection equipment to assess water damage
  • Look for possible building defects or signs of dating that can fuel mold growth
  • Determine extent of damage
  • Administer professional mold tests (Optional*)
  • Develop a plan customized solution plan to remediate & improve indoor health

What goes into mold remediation

You may be wondering what actually goes into a professional mold remediation service. How we safely remove it, drastically reduce mold levels inside your property, and restore your air. The following steps are common procedures we take on many of our projects and will give you an idea on what to expect when you hire ATG Mold.

Containment Systems

Anytime building materials are going to be removed or only one area of a property is going to be remediated it is crucial that mold remediation be completed under proper containment .

By setting up proper containment measures it greatly minimizes the risk of anything spreading to other areas of your home. The last thing we want!

When we set our containment systems we also implement important particulate control measures into place. For most projects, we implement negative air system controls which allow us to control pressure differentials of air flow during filtration for better results.

We may also use commercial dehumidifiers depending on the project if humidity levels are elevated. These are just some of the measures we take to minimize potential risk and improve overall safety.

- Pressurized Mold Containment During A Kitchen Mold Removal Project

Removing & Restoring

Once we have the area(s) of your property ready & contained. We will then safely remove any mold infected or water damaged building materials that cannot be salvaged following NAMRI guidelines.
We will work together on salvaging and thoroughly cleaning you belongings to save as much as possible.

Following a leak or flooding event mold often begins to grow on drywall from the base of the floor, a couple feet from the ground where water often settles. Drywall is one of the he most mold prone building materials and is the most common place toxic mold can be found inside buildings.

Following a leak or flooding event mold often begins to grow on drywall from the base of the floor, a couple feet from the ground where water settles.

Over time it will eat its way upwards and throughout your entire walls. So to prevent that we usually start cutting drywall out around 2 feet from the ground and work our way up if necessary. We then will treat and clean the exposed structural area to give your property a fresh start!

This might be the most crucial step in the mold remediation process and cannot be overlooked. However, many mold companies skip this step because it's challenging, time consuming work. Never hire a company who claims they can treat drywall!  Essentially, it's like cleaning ink our of paper. Plus, mold is toxic dead or alive so you want any infected drywall safely removed and far away from your property as possible!

Deep HEPA Vacuuming & Cleaning Process

We vacuum and clean your place multiple times to physically remove spores that may have spread throughout the area. Thoroughly wiping down everything with antimicrobials and fungicides. We're big believers in using botanical products and try to avoid highly toxic chemicals at all costs. In the end we leave our treated areas of your home most likely cleaner then ever! Cleanliness is very important in reducing mold levels and a sterile environment aids in preventing future growth.

Air & Surface Treatments

We use powerful fogging systems to apply a variety of different mold eliminating solutions depending on the needs your project that drastically improve the safety of both your indoor air and surfaces. It can be described as a powerful, 15 foot cloud of mist that sanitizes all surfaces including your walls, ceilings, and virtually everything in between. With our fogging systems no spots are missed. We use a micron based control method that improves your indoor air quality & eliminates harmful microscopic mold spores and toxins from the air inside of your property. In certain situations we even use powerful disinfection lights as well.

Fogging allows us to effectively

  • Effectively remove airborne particulate, spores, and toxins
  • Disinfect & sanitize all surfaces of entire rooms at a rapid pace
  • Improve indoor air quality and minimize mold levels

Prevention Measures & Final Steps

To finish the process, we will apply mold resistant coatings, paints, and other antimicrobials solutions where fit. We want to increase your property's overall resistance to mold and fight against future growth for many years. We also warranty our work to give you peace of mind! In the case you sell your property our warranty is even transferrable to the next owner!


Mold remediation often takes a lot of work. It's physically demanding and dangerous work that is better left to professionals like us!  Our team has worked on thousands of mold projects,  have all the necessary equipment, and have a proven process the we guarantee will improve the safety of your property!

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