Certified mold testing

Have a property professionally inspected & mold levels tested by a certified mold professional.

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Service Overview

Elevated levels of mold can lead to serious health risks, extended property damage, and even devalue your property. Gain peace of mind and have your property's air tested for mold by one of our Certified Mold Inspectors today.

AICHA Accredited Microbiology Lab analysis

We send our samples to a 3rd-party, accredited microbiology lab to be analyzed under the microscope by actual microbiologists. We then help you analyze the results and make them easy for you to understand.

Detect hidden mold

50% of mold grows behind walls undetectable. Mold testing helps detect & pinpoint contaminated areas of your property. Helping you decide if you need mold remediation or not.

But a new property with confidence

Mistaking a general home inspection for a certified mold inspection can become a costly mistake. We're mold experts, and specialize in specifically mold to help ensure that your are buying a safe property.

Reduce potential legal liability

Selling your home? Own a commercial property? Mold can be major liability to your assets. Mold testing can act as a safety net in case anything ever arises down the line.

Post remediation peace of mind

Mold remediation is costly and challenging. Post remediation mold testing can help ensure that is your property safe and healthy.

Help support your case

Mold lawsuits and disputes are common and costly. Certified mold testing adds beneficial evidence to support your case in court.

Mold testing

Signs you should have your property's mold levels tested?

  • Building occupants are experiencing chronic sinus issues or unexplained illnesses
  • Your property has recently experienced some form of water damage, flooding, etc.
  • You interested in purchasing a new property (Note: home inspectors aren't mold inspectors)
  • You are looking to minimize potential liability / legal concerns
  • Peace of mind

How mold testing works?

We use specialized equipment to take air samples from common living areas/suspect areas inside of your property, and one from directly outside of your property (control sample). We then compare the samples to the control sample indicating potential areas with elevated levels of mold.
  • Indoor Vs. Outdoor Comparison
  • Species Group Levels

Why should I hire ATG Mold to test my property?

Our experienced team is certified and trained in BOTH mold testing & remediation.  This eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple appointments, confusion, and additional costs.

Our flat rate pricing

Most companies charge over $300 just for trip out to your property alone. We charge only 75$ per each sample taken with a minimum of 3 samples. No hidden fees or scare tactics!
What is included?
  • One outdoor control sample + 2 or more samples inside your property
  • Complimentary visual inspection of the property
  • Moisture detection
  • Mold remediation proposal (If necessary)
  • AIHA Accredited Laboratory Analysis

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