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ATG Mold®, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, offers superior, proven mold remediation services that keep your property and health safe from toxic mold. Our services include certified mold remediation, inspections, and consulting. Safer, more reliable, and always professional, our team has over 85 years of experience solving mold problems of all scales. ATG Mold, is one of the most experienced mold remediation companies in the entire country. Have mold a mold issue in your home or business? We promise you're in good hands with us!

About ATG Mold Removal Pittsburgh

Our values

Open & transparent

Mold can sometimes be confusing.
We do our best to make sure our customers completly understand our service with the upmost clarity and structure.

Offer serious value

We do our best to offer services at competitive rates where our customers will see a return on their investment over-time.

Get the job done.
No Excuses.

Our team does whatever it takes to complete our projects on time and on budget the first time!

No corners cut.

In an industry that is notorious for cutting corners. We do things the right way even if its requires more work.

We’re a family owned company driven by family values at our core

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We're looking for hardworking people to help us grow even faster!

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